Part-time work,

Dear Applicant
We are currently hiring new team members throughout the USA due to corporate expansion. Your profile came up on an HR portal and passed a preliminary choice.
Work title: Package Handler
Location: United States, home-based
Salary: approx. 2,599 dollars per month based on the workload and employee performance. Full and part-time employment negotiable.
Manage incoming and outgoing shipments
Monitor quality, quantity, cost and efficiency of parcels‘ storage and transit
Cooperate and mediate with customers and transportation services
Administer filing, keep records, issue regular reports
We apologize if this message was sent to you by mistake. If you are interested and would like to get more details, respond to this email. Please note, offer is eligible for the US residents only.
Best Regards!

Hello Annabelle Zamora,
please don’t you sorry for this failgeleitete mail. For 2599 bucks in the monat i don’t aufstehen tun. My back is old and i can not schwer heben.

Also, your new boss of the USA is me a little to much Matsch under his hairentgleisung. Nothing for ungood: Thank you for your Angebot and many luck with Donald, your Ex-Applicant.

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