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Ksuha Woman
Good day.
It is Ksenia twenty eight y.o.
I am from Czech.
I add you and decided know better you.
For me it is first time try to find friend by such way & I do not know about what to say right now.
I want to find a strong man for relations or friendship.
This is is not a joke for me and I don`t play in games.
I hope that you are serious too.
We can be away from each other but I hope its not a problem?
Do not answer me if you in relationship or message was reached to you by mistake.
If u like me also,
reply tome,

Autor: makkerrony

MakkerRony ist der Maker des einzigartigen, mehrfach prämierten und weltweit unbekannten Lichtbildprophet. Er ist eine Lichtgestalt der vornehmen Zurückhaltung und des gepflegten Dilettantismus.