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Ksuha Woman
Good day.
It is Ksenia twenty eight y.o.
I am from Czech.
I add you and decided know better you.
For me it is first time try to find friend by such way & I do not know about what to say right now.
I want to find a strong man for relations or friendship.
This is is not a joke for me and I don`t play in games.
I hope that you are serious too.
We can be away from each other but I hope its not a problem?
Do not answer me if you in relationship or message was reached to you by mistake.
If u like me also,
reply tome,

Autor: Lichtbildprophet

Er ist kein Fotograf und doch malt er seine Bilder mit Licht, bringt sie in seiner Dunkelkammer eigenhändig zu Papier. Er ist kein Maler und doch zeichnet er seine Bilder mit Farben auf alles, was seine Imagination tragen kann.