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Nr. 0263
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Druck : (x) _Größe: 30x40cm _Medium: Hahnemühle Photo Rag
(c) 2015 Lichtbildprophet

At the wery beginning I want to declare to make itself felt in hope writes to you and wht my interests…

It is veru difficult to scribble main and start dating, i’m n’t to get used to do it, but why not try your case.

I to comprehend you are looking met new peple, as well as serious favor is that so?

If so, then i’ll be veru happy to be represented with you.
I can tell in a pile about myself and about my life, but i’ll doit, if you answer me. but you can see a mind’s eye my way of to look at my images! there are chances that I’m not to draw atention in yu, and it’ll be veri sadly for me.

because you’re curious to me, I’d like to correspondence with you & find out more about you.

I to expect that you give me yurs fota.
I consider you are a serious partner, and you need a efficient participation, as well as me.

I want to find your other half.
you are interested in me, and I would like to know more about you.
I have no thought that this letterr will be the first step towards our dream.
If you have the same purpose as mine, we should to undertake to talk.
I do not want to lose his chance, so I will be glad if you my letter with to comprehend.
I just have desire to talk you, if you’re the kind of person who just wants to have to be amused, it isn’t even worth address me and to spend our leisure with you.
I will be very glad if you write me back a letter about yourself and your desires..

Your new familiar Katuha!

Autor: makkerrony

MakkerRony ist der Maker des einzigartigen, mehrfach prämierten und weltweit unbekannten Lichtbildprophet. Er ist eine Lichtgestalt der vornehmen Zurückhaltung und des gepflegten Dilettantismus.