Nr. f_0001
Glasplatte: 9 x 12 cm, 1912
Fotopapier: ORWO Universal, um 1980
Entwicklung: Kontaktbelichtung, Lith-Entwicklung
weitere Infos: doppelt kartoniert auf weißem Karton 600 g/qm
(c) 2018 Ronald Puhle a.k.a. Lichtbildpoet
Informationen zur Urheberschaft und dem Projekt ‚Lichtbildpoet

Warum darf ich nicht an Feenstaub und Einhörner denken?

Update 03. Juli 2018
Heute erreichte mich zu meiner großen Überraschung diese Nachricht:

Zitat Anfang

Hi, I’m looking at your project …
I’ve found a place in your shots: f_0001 is taken in Como, Italy, it’s on the Città Murata wall, the medieval tower is Torre Gattoni (formerly a scientific laboratory at the time of Alessandro Volta). Using Google Earth, it was shot more ore less at 45.8059 N 9.0836 E, aiming at West. It might be relevant for Como photo achivists because it is not a favourite view of that corner. Actually, don’t remember if I have a shot exaclty of this point in my archive. Looks like a normal 135 mm, I guess. Don’t catch the holder marks (neither ICA nor AGFA, Rhaco, Voigtlaender or Goerz, at first sight). Unfortunately I have no glass plates at hand, but I’ll try to replicate it on 9×12 film … although my 9×12 cameras are from the ’20s – ’30s. Maybe when there is not the city market and possibly with slightly cloudy weather. If I can fit a very dark filter, hope to cut away people with a long exposure. Best appreciation for your project!

Zitat Ende

Vielen Dank für die Beschreibung und zusätzlichen Erläuterungen!